"Road to Immortality" 


Tom Mower Jr, Sisel CEO
and Dr Curt Ficenec

Stem-O-Lytic Brochure

Stem-o-lytic by Sisel International

Introducing Sisel International‘s newest age reversal product Stemolytic. Stem-O-lytic.

Tom Mower Chief Sisel Scientists say’s “ Stemolytic is a very 
complex formulation based upon powerful discoveries in the field of “Senolytics”; which if addressed properly, should run neck and neck to NAD in

life extension, youth regeneration andntastic health support”.

What is Cellular senescence?

“Cellular senescence is clearly emerging as a main player in aging”. 

According to research…

“Senescence is a process in which damaged cells, rather than dying, persist and become toxic to cells around them. 

Cellular senescence has been shown to drive multiple age-related diseases, and accelerate the aging process.” 

Cellular senescence is a natural part of the aging process in which cells can no longer function optimally. Senescent cells can accumulate over time, having a negative effect on the day-to-day function of the healthy cells around them. 

When a cell reaches senescence when it can no longer duplicate due to extensive DNA damage (including short telomeres – this is why it is good to take with TSX telomere support extreme). When this happens the cell becomes dormant and the non-medical term for this is zombie cell.

Animal studies show the more senescent cells you have the more aged and deprecated the animal becomes, to eventually there are so many senescent cells the animal can no longer function and dies.

If we can effectively manage senescent cells research indicates that we may look and feel more like we did when we were in our 20s.  

New research indicates that natural ingredients (senolytic compounds) can target biological pathways, making it easier for the body to deal with senescent cells.

What are senolytic compounds?

Senolytic compounds are those that preferentially destroy senescent cells. Since these cells are one of the root causes of aging, there is considerable interest in finding and then quantifying the effectiveness of senolytic compounds. 

Introducing Stem-o-lytic by Sisel International

Sisel International released Stemolytic. This product will be designed using natural ingredients to support the body in the management of senescent cells.  Feb 2020.

Some of the benefits we might find with Stem-o-lytic are: 

  • Helping the body manage senescent cells

  • Promotes youthful, healthy cellular function

  • Deliver an ultra-absorbable ingredients

  • Supports systemic rejuvenation

  • Look and feel more like you did in your 20s.


Sisel’s Stemolytic will be a perfect companion with the Sisel AGE Pill, TSX telomere support extreme

  1. The AGE Pill support healthy stem cells and the elimination of cellular waste inside and outside cells

  2. TSX supports healthy telomeres

  3. H2 STIX create Diatomic Hydrogen

  4. Stemolytic supports the body to manage Senescent Cells.