Fire & Ice Tea is an ideal soda (or energy drink) replacement for diet/health conscious consumers. Fire N Ice Tea has been formulated with Dr. Ann de Wees Allen, a leading researcher in the field of health and medicine, to be a low-glycemic blend of organic fruits and vitamins that not only tastes good but is actually good for you.


When mixed with 8 to16 ounces of water it will quench your thirst while providing powerful nutritional support for decreasing your appetite. Dynamic Thermogenic Properties Fire N Ice Tea has been specially designed to increase support to your body’s thermogenic capabilities.


It uniquely supports your ability to burn fat and store energy. It contains vitamin B, potassium, buffered caffeine and green tea compounds that combine to help support you in your weight loss program while boosting your energy level.



• Packed with antioxidants for stronger immunity.

• Energy boosting.

• Provides thermogenic support.

• Helps boost metabolic rate.

• Helps support healthy skin.

• Supports healthy glucose levels.

• Contains Chaga, Bacopa & Gotu Kola.

• Supports healthy weight loss goals.




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