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Simply living day to day uses a tremendous amount of energy. Luckily, the cells within us are very efficient at keeping all our gears turning. The downside to this being, like any fuel driven machine, byproducts are created and waste builds up. Some of this waste is known as Lipofuscin. Our cells typically do a great job cleaning all this up, but they don’t always get everything. As time goes on, this waste builds up and inhibits our body’s natural ability to produce energy. We can see the direct effects of this by how we age.  Here’s an example to help you visualize what lipofuscin can do to our bodies.

Imagine a wood burning fireplace. When it’s brand new, the fire burns bright and hot. When the fire goes out, ash and soot are left over. At this point, you’d clean out the fireplace in order to keep it working efficiently. Over time, regardless of your cleanliness, the natural use of the fireplace creates waste that becomes more and more difficult to remove. Without frequent and thorough cleaning, the waste would eventually be so overwhelming that you’d be hard pressed to even get a small flame going. This is what happens in our bodies as we age.

As we get older, the levels of lipofuscin found in organs, such as our liver, heart and brain increase, are often used as biomarkers to determine our biological age. But what if we could help speed up the disposal of this harmful waste? What if there was something that helped support the body’s ability to efficiently produce energy? The A.G.E. Pill does just that: one of the powerful properties it possesses is supporting the body’s ability to get rid of Lipofuscin. The advanced, specialized super-nutrients contained in the A.G.E. Pill can offer an explosion of powerful support and help our cells clean up after themselves.